Michael & Anne-Maria

Two Lives Bound in Love & Time

Both Michael and I wanted our wedding rings to represent something about us to each other and to ourselves. You will note that my ring is 22 carat gold and has 7 mine cut diamonds set in the band. The ring is “recycled” which is to say we asked An to take the diamonds from my great grandmother’s engagement ring (Victorian) as well as the gold from my grandmother’s and mother’s wedding bands in order to make something new. That way, the women in my family would always be with me. Michael’s ring is a riddle. Solid platinum and ringed by two concentric bands organized to say something in binary code that only Michael and I know the content of. We watched the movie "Interstellar" and noted the use of binary code (1s and 0s) to communicate a message of love and hope across time and space. An designed the outer portion of the ring with thick/thin lines representing 1s and 0s.

We were absolutely delighted by the work, the design, and the experience of collaborating with An. So much so, that we have returned several times to pick out additional jewelry or to work on creative projects.

~ Michael & Anne-Maria, Durham

An Nguyen